About Lake Imaging Center

Doctor speaking to a patient in an MRI machine Lake Imaging Center is a conveniently located, single-source imaging facility staffed with experienced medical professionals. We represent an affiliation between Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center — Louisiana’s largest private hospital — and Radiology Associates, the leading radiology specialty group in Baton Rouge. The Lake’s strong commitment to medical excellence and technological leadership is unmatched in the region, while Radiology Associates lends proven knowledge and expertise to every patient we see and every procedure we administer. Together, this exceptional partnership ensures quality medical services, backed by a long tradition of compassionate care.

Why Choose Lake Imaging Center?
Because we deliver three important advantages to South Louisiana physicians and their patients:

High-tech, state-of-the-art equipment is of little value to doctors and patients without a trained and experienced staff. Lake Imaging Center radiologists are board certified by the American College of Radiology; our radiology technicians are registered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists; and our nuclear medicine technologist is certified by the NMT Certification Board. We have extensive experience both administering imaging procedures and interpreting results. And not only are our radiologists always available and on-location, but we also strive to be the friendliest, most caring staff in the imaging field.

Lake Imaging Center is all an all-digital facility and utilizes the most advanced imaging, reporting and recordkeeping technologies available today. Our Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) allows for images to be read and interpreted by our board-certified radiologists quickly on site, with images and reports then made accessible online to the referring physician at his or her office. Our patient information system is linked directly to that of Our Lady of the Lake, enabling files to “travel” with patients as they move between facilities and eliminating the need to hand-deliver records.

Even though all procedures are essentially painless, some guests are apprehensive about imaging — so we've taken great care to create a pleasant, positive environment. Our 18,000-square-foot facility was designed with open spaces and natural light to provide a comfortable, soothing experience, and our MRI and CT rooms feature large windows and skylights. Exams are scheduled within 24 hours of receiving orders from the physician, and reports are delivered to the ordering physician in a timely manner. There is free on-site parking for guests and physicians; patients can pre-register for exams; and upon entering Lake Imaging Center, there is no waiting beyond the scheduled exam time. Children are welcome and will enjoy a comfortable area with age-appropriate TV programs and plenty of seating.

Preparing For Your Visit

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We’re Easy to Find

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